Under Armor introduces the fastest performance running shoes ever.

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Under Armor introduces the fastest performance running shoes ever.

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Tested for more than 11,000 miles, the UA Flow Velociti Wind is the newest running shoe. Comes with innovation to support running through the shoe's pattern design And the use of new foam technology That cuts off the outer rubber of the shoe

What is the flow state? Flow state is the flow state. It's a sensation that can be felt after running for many miles. Shaking off other thoughts, leaving just the feeling of wanting slotxo to keep running. Because we enjoy the body that is light and fast. Until leaving only the wind that blows through your back This fluid state is something many runners have always been passionate about and looking for.

Under Armor is inspired by top running athletes. And strive for continuous innovation in order for all runners to develop themselves In a world of sports where every second counts, Under Armor teams develop shoes that are not only lightweight. But there is also good support for the intense training of elite athletes. We will be able to create shoes that aim to increase speed And how to break the limit? We can get rid of the outer layer, which is the heaviest part. Without losing the durability or the grip ability of the shoe?

Over 3 years, 17 material tests, 9 biomechanics tests, 15 shoe tests, and over 11,000 miles of shoe performance tests, it was finally a success. And it was the beginning of UA Flow midsole technology.

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