Is there an abnormality in sex all the time, and how can I cope?

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Is there an abnormality in sex all the time, and how can I cope?

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We all have normal sexual desires. But what if there is a desire for sex all the time? Whether working, studying, traveling, going to exercise Or doing any activity Kept on wandering about sex all day สล็อต long Are in the mood for sex all the time Is this normal or not? If you want to know Let's find out together in this article of Hello Doctor.
Why is there a constant sexual arousal?
Sex drive Or factors that cause sexual desire, there are many reasons. And varies from person to person The common causes are as follows.
- hormones
Hormone levels always affect human behavior and health symptoms. If the hormone levels in the body fluctuate Our body will experience changes in mood, feelings, and health symptoms, especially if testosterone (Testosterone) is very high, it will affect the sexual arousal causing more sexual desire than normal.
- emotional and social influences
Sexual feelings It can come from a stimulated emotional influence. Feelings of excitement, embarrassment, fear of surrounding influences can produce more sexual feelings than usual. It may come from being teased talking to receiving sexual information from various media. All of these factors can play a role in arousing sexual arousal. Even if you are in a society where sex is openly exposed. It does not make sexually a taboo. Or is it something that doesn't look good It even contributes to the more easily aroused sexual feelings
- food
Food has a direct effect on our body. The most obvious is that we will feel full after eating a large meal. Certain foods have properties that stimulate sexual desire. Eating foods that are sexually stimulating can produce more sexual desire than usual.
- alcohol and certain drugs
Drinking alcohol affects body regulation. Can cause a feeling of loss of control Unknowingly saying or doing anything when intoxicated More than that Alcohol also plays a role in stimulating sexual desire. Including taking certain drugs that have properties to stimulate sexual arousal, it can cause a surge of sexual feelings as well
- Libido
Libido (Hypersexuality) is a condition in which the body has a very high sex drive. May be caused by existing health symptoms Mental health problems Or side effects from medications used Causing acute or extreme sexual desire

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