Dangers of injecting "filler"

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Dangers of injecting "filler"

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Side effects from fillers It may be more dangerous than you think. Should read the information and study carefully before entering the service.
What is a filler? Why do people get filler injections?
Fillers or fillers are used for additional injections to fill the skin layer. Or subcutaneous layer To correct the problem of deep wrinkles in areas such as forehead, around the eyes, deep furrows, corners of the mouth Or used in the correction of facial contouring such as filling the lips, cheeks, cheeks to look plump, as well as to restore the skin to be firmer and radiant again

Type of fillers
Assoc.Prof. Marisa Pongpruetthiphan Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society provides the following information about filler.

Temporary filler It is a substance that mimics water in the skin, that is, hyaluronic acid. เกมสล็อตฟรี They are from 4 months to 1 and a half years old.
Semi-permanent fillers such as silicone, paraffin after injection do not decompose naturally. It is often the cause of inflammation and nodules years after injections.
Skin problems treated with fillers
Wrinkles and deep furrows from aging such as wrinkles, eye contour, cheek groove, under eye filler will help to thicken layers of the skin. It makes furrows and wrinkles shallow.
Dimpled skin scars such as acne scars Which is a non-membrane type
Increase the skin to look fuller than before, such as chin, nose or lip augmentation.

Danger from fillers
In most cases, serious side effects are not found. But there will be side effects that can occur as follows

Side effects during the injection
Embolism Which may cause necrosis And may enter the veins that feed the eyes Blind
Contusion caused by a needle through a vein
Side effects in the first stage
Looks swollen, lumpy and rough.
Acute infection
Long-term side effects
Lumps and swelling after allergies or infections
Pus or lymph drainage from the use of permanent fillers
It can be seen that filler injections have a wide variety of harmful side effects on the body. Therefore, before entering the service, you should study the information carefully. Choose from trusted hospitals and doctors. Not looking for too cheap. And more importantly, do not inject more fillers than your doctor recommends.

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