"Hot house" 7 ways to remedy the house to cool down

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"Hot house" 7 ways to remedy the house to cool down

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Many people would begin to feel the heat. Even now it's not stuffy But I can believe that this year will certainly be as hot as the last year. Anyone might say that the air conditioner is turned on and the house is cool. But if it's open all day long, it might not be possible because the electricity bill would spur To save electricity bills during this summer So we have a way to solve the problem of hot houses. And also help to cool down the house

1. Attach the sunshade.

One technique to reduce heat in your home is to keep the sun away from the walls. While the wind can still pass through Therefore, choosing a sunshade on the window that is a channel for sunlight to help reduce heat inside the house. And also help save energy Because we don't need to turn on the air conditioner at all

2.Plant a tree

Trees are part of nature that helps to cool the body and mind. If the area of ​​your home has a little space. Bringing trees to plant around the house will help make the house cooler. Especially in the direction of the strong sunshine like the west

3. Adjust the furniture placement according to Feng Shui.

This sounds like nothing, but do you know the placement of furniture in the house? In particular, the correct placement of furniture according to the wind and sunlight direction that enters the house is considered important. By trying to arrange new furniture so that there is nothing blocking the direction of the wind flowing into the house At the same time may choose to use some pieces of furniture to help shade the sun.

4.Increase air circulation in the room with a ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans are the right choice for making any room pop. That the temperature drops And also does not take up space in that room as well

5. Change the roof color to a bright color

It's well known that bright colors absorb less heat. So the color of the roof If it is a light colored roof, it can cool the house down.

6. Door or lattice.

In hot weather we can use the lath. Or shutters when we open the window Which in addition to helping filter sunlight If there are corners that extend outside the house and have lattices Or blindfolded We will also have a sitting corner to chill in that area as well.

7. Avoid generating heat in the house.

Cooking food that generates heat such as toasting Grilling, it will increase the temperature of the house. Therefore, if you need to cook with any of these methods, go out and do it outside. Or being in an open location To reduce the heat in the house

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