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The course is situated at Tree Gnome Stronghold and is extremely simple and cheap OSRS GP requires little effort. Make sure you complete each obstacle in the order that will reward you in a more satisfying experience. In order to reach the level 5, it should take 10 minutes and 10 levels will take about 30 minutes. This course requires completion of small tasks to gain access to Tree Gnome Stronghold. It is necessary to assist NPC near the gate. This should be a matter of a few seconds. This is the most Agility arena for low level.

At the point you've reached level 10, it is possible to travel toward Draynor Village. Even though it's a novice course that could lead to hurting yourself if you do not complete the obstacles, food will not be essential since you'll be able to recharge your hit points faster than hurting yourself.

For the first time, head to Draynor Village and find Agility icon on the minimap - reach it by taking a leap from the rooftop. Alternatively, there is Al Kharid course at level 20+ which allow to receive slightly higher xp but since it's not worthwhile to travel that far we suggest that you continue to train in Draynor up to level 30.

In Varrock Agility Course training you won't need buy OSRS gold food either. Bring with you some stamina potion if your goal is to run continuously during this course since you'll run out of energy periodically. Similar to the way before, there is an Agility icon on the minimap . Then start by pressing the wall when you get there.

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