"Cat in the brain" disease that cat slaves should be careful

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"Cat in the brain" disease that cat slaves should be careful

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For those who are in cat bondage, read carefully, because Hello Doctor will introduce everyone to Cat's disease Which comes from the cat in your home But what is the cause? And has serious symptoms for humans Or สล็อต how much is the babysitter
What is cerebrovascular disease?
Cat's disease Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by a parasite or protozoan called Toxoplasma gondii, which is most common in cat feces. Or uncooked meats such as pork, lamb and venison, for example, pose risks to the brain, eyes, heart and lungs, with the main cause of people getting a parasitic infection in cat feces. Is as follows
Frequent contact with cat feces, such as cleaning Collecting cat feces Eating food contaminated with parasites Without heating Or washing the meat thoroughly Using devices that have been exposed to parasites And not cleaned with hot water Or enter the oven to sterilize Getting an organ transplant with someone who has a parasite inside. Check the initial symptoms of Cat scent disease in the brain.
For most people, it can show up in a pattern similar to the flu. That can lead to fever, headache, and muscle aches. Or sometimes it may not show any more symptoms. If a person with a previously weakened immune system has been infected with the parasite There may be more severe reactions. Different from the level of ordinary people, that is
The nervous system is working deteriorating. Poorly coordinate with various parts of vision and changes in vision Retinal inflammation The image is overlapping and blurred, encephalitis, headache, seizure, lung infection.
But for pregnant women It can be very dangerous to the newborn baby. Because it can weaken the immune system Or does not work fully with seizures, enlarged spleen, yellow skin color to the stage of jaundice. And serious eye infections It also results in other complications. On other health aspects Can be added in the future too
How to protect yourself from brain scent disease
Of course, the primary prevention method would not be beyond the matter of keeping clean. In the process of collecting cat feces, you should always wear gloves first. And after completing the cat feces collecting mission Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap every time. You should also put cat feces in a sealed container. And taken to leave outside the house Away from the family
In addition to taking care of cleaning the litter box You should prevent your own dietary habits according to the advice of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention United States such as meat washing Or cook the meat in a high temperature of 145-165 Fahrenheit or 63-74 degrees Celsius before eating. Also wash all cooking utensils after being exposed to meat through heat. Before storing in a container

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