Does standing work really well?

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Does standing work really well?

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One hot item in 2021 is a standing desk. The reason why it has become popular is because of health trends. along with reviews from many influencers That said it helps alleviate back pain. more work So what has been said here is true or not?

1. Standing at work helps to lose weight.

Quite true, but not much ASLOTXOrecent study from the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology reveals that standing about six hours a day can cause serious health problems. That helps prevent weight gain and help you lose weight as well.

The reason for this is because standing burns more calories than sitting. A study from the Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that the difference was only about 24 calories. However, other studies have claimed that standing works can reduce the risk of other diseases such as coronary artery disease or heart attack.

2. Standing at work helps relieve back pain.

True, but other factors must be considered. Because if you are a person who weighs a lot Having spinal problems, standing is not always the answer.

Of course, sitting for a long time Especially sitting in the wrong position is harmful to the body. Makes us often have pain in the neck, shoulders, shoulders, but the most is to stand up Some walking can help reduce such symptoms quite a lot.

3. Work completed faster

possible But also have to look at the type of work. If your work has a lot of documents It may not always be appropriate to stand to inspect documents. ever had an experiment call center staff divided into two groups The first group was sitting at a desk and the second group was using a standing desk. Results showed that the standing group had 46% more success.

But the standing group found health problems later, namely foot pain. Plus, this experiment has a point where there is conflict. The standing group is working as a new employee. who are usually more diligent than the old employees

Personally, the author has tried asking an acquaintance who uses a standing desk as well. he commented feel the work is done faster Because when standing and working, I rarely go to youtube facebook or pick up my mobile phone to play as I sit.

In addition, other work that has been tested has not been shown to indicate that standing is better than sitting at work. If your employees have to wear high heels Probably not good In addition, although standing work Devices are level with the user as well.


Standing desks or standing desks are fine, but not everything. Many experts suggest that if you really want to use a standing desk. Choose that can be used both sitting and standing. should answer the most If anyone is afraid of health problems, but there is no budget I set a time for myself to get up and walk some. Setting time to focus on tasks can also help. Stop by to read the technique of working at I.N.N.

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