Rival drug cartels open war in Ecuador prison There were guns and bombs - 68 prisoners were killed.

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Rival drug cartels open war in Ecuador prison There were guns and bombs - 68 prisoners were killed.

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AP – Rival drug cartels open bloody battles in Ecuador's largest prison. At least 68 prisoners were killed and 25 wounded on Saturday, with authorities nearly a day to bring the situation underSLOTXOcontrol. and is considered the latest in a prison brawl. After less than two months, more than 100 prisoners were killed.

The bloodshed took place just before dawn on Saturday in Guayaquil's Litoral Prison. which officials said It was the latest violent incident to take place in a prison and is linked to multinational drug cartels. Videos posted on social media showed the bodies of the deceased with some cremated. sleeping in the prison

The shooting lasted about eight hours, and then a new wave of clashes broke out in parts of the prison in the afternoon.

Carlos Gigan, spokesman for the president It was announced late on Saturday that around 900 policemen had taken control of the situation.

Pablo Aerosemena, the governor of the Guayas province whose capital is Guayaquil, said prisoners initially tried to use dynamite to blow up the wall into the Second Territory as a possible massacre. Including also burning the mattress to smoke the enemy.

The incident comes less than two months after drug cartels waged war at the prison where more than 8,000 inmates were held, with 119 deaths.

Police chief Tanya Varela said drone footage showed prisoners in the three borders armed with guns and bombs. The officials stated that Weapons and ammunition are smuggled into delivery vehicles and sometimes using drones.

The incident also came as President Guillermo Lasso declared a state of emergency in October to empower security forces to combat drug trafficking and other crime.

Lasmo tweeted on Saturday that The first right that should be guaranteed is the right to life and freedom. This would never be possible if security forces were unable to take action to protect this right. This alluded to the Constitutional Court's disallowing the military from entering the prison even in emergency situations. And most recently, the soldiers still had to wait outside the prison.

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