Vitamin D: The truth about an alleged Covid ‘cover-up’

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Vitamin D: The truth about an alleged Covid ‘cover-up’

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As Covid-19 swept the world, so did misinformation about how to treat it. But sometimes misinformation can develop even around ideas that have some truth to them - and that can be the most difficult kind to tackle.

Why vitamin D?
There are many treatments that have been suggested for Covid-19.

Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and vitamin D - all are, or were, being studied. Suggesting that a treatment could be effective and then finding it isn't upon further research is all part of the normal scientific process.

But online, early or low quality research can be shared out of context. And the confusion this creates can be exploited by people promoting conspiracy theories.

There is some logic behind why vitamin D might be useful in treating or preventing Covid.

It plays a role in immunity and it's already recommended that everyone in the UK take the supplement in the winter, with those at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency advised to take it all year round. So far, no research has shown a convincing enough effect to support higher doses to prevent or treat illness - although this doesn't mean that won't change in the future.

Should I start taking vitamin D?

So it's understandable it was taken up as advice by many online. Yet some have gone much further, suggesting on Reddit forums that governments are "barely mentioning" vitamin D's effectiveness, instead focusing on "vaccines and police state tracking"; or alleging the vitamin is being ignored because the World Health Organization is in the "pay of Big Pharma".

But governments have taken up other cheap, effective treatments like dexamethasone, once proven. And vitamins themselves are a multi-million pound industry.

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