The danger of "xylazine", an animal doping drug used by thieves to rob people.

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The danger of "xylazine", an animal doping drug used by thieves to rob people.

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Even if the drug label is slotxo not true But about the drugs that are put in the drink And food that stuns Or causing the person who ingested it to have abnormal symptoms that may not be conscious Until the criminals take the opportunity to rob the latest realities with "xylazine" that has been classified as a dangerous drug. But it is illegal to use it with bad intent, so Sanook Health collects interesting information about this drug for everyone to know. And be careful

Revealing the results of the substance in the water bottle, the runners were poisoned, namely "xylazine" animal doping.

What is "xylazine"?
Xylazine is an anesthetic used in animals such as horses, cattle, deer, as well as laboratory animals. It stimulates the central nervous system and throughout the body. Has the effect of causing drowsiness to stupid Has a muscle relaxant effect And also has a pain-relieving effect

Effects of xylazine.
Most of the drug's effects are central nervous depressant and cardiovascular system effects.

Causing it to be in a state of shock or a state of sleep (Depending on the dose received) and will last about 1-2 hours.

Muscles loosen to cause muscle weakness.

The respiratory rate is also reduced.

In the early stages, blood pressure often rises. But after that the blood pressure will drop and stay for a long time as the drug is in effect.

Causes the heart to beat to arrhythmia

The dangers of xylazine When used on humans
Xylazine is a clear drug. Or as a powder for injection Once it is put into the drink, it will not see any change in color. Turbidity and smell of the drink Causing it to be misused Causing those who received this drug to have the symptoms mentioned above Symptoms are more or less severe depending on the dose received.

Therefore, you should be careful not to drink water. Or eat food from strangers And don't drop the drink Or food left And continue to eat if there is no trusted person to watch As reported by the owner of the drug in a drink while the owner goes to the bathroom, runs, or other errands.

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