Risk groups who should not drink "Brackish tap water" may be harmful to health.

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Risk groups who should not drink "Brackish tap water" may be harmful to health.

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Why is tap water brackish?
The brackish taste of tap water Derived from solids Or various mineral salts In particular, sodium chloride dissolves in tap water.
Sodium is important in regulating fluid balance in the body. Help in the work of the nerves and muscles As well as the absorption of nutrients
Chloride may also be found in tap water. Chloride is important in regulating body fluid balance, blood volume, blood pressure and pH.
The standard values in tap water that result in a perceived brackish taste are as follows.

TDS or Total Dissolved Solids
When is tap water at risk of having a brackish taste?
Tap water may be more vulnerable to brackish taste than usual. If in the high sea for some time.
When will we perceive the brackish taste?
We will be able to sense the brackish taste of the water when the salinity in tap poker water is higher than 0.5 g / l.
Or have more than 200 mg / l of sodium
Or have chloride in excess of 250 mg / l
Or the TDS value in tap water in excess of 1,000 mg / l
(TDS or Total Dissolved Solids is the amount of dissolved solids in water, including ions, minerals, salts or metals, in mg / l).
Or conductivity higher than 1,200 μS / cm
(Conductivity or conductivity is the ability of water to transmit electricity. Which is formed by inorganic compounds dissolved in water in μS / cm)
Can we check if the tap water is in the brackish period? By checking through the MWA onMobile application, select the water quality menu.
Brackish tap water How dangerous to health?
For the general public who are healthy No underlying disease Able to drink tap water normally. But if you are at risk Have some underlying diseases It may be necessary to avoid consuming tap water during brackish periods.
Risk groups who should not drink brackish tap water
Patients with kidney disease
Heart disease patients
Patients with high blood pressure
Small child
The elderly
Small pet

Risk groups should avoid drinking tap water. Then turned to drink water from a bottle of dedicated water Or if there is a water purifier at home Should filter the water before every drink If there is a doubt that drinking water is dangerous or not Can seek advice from the personal doctor

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